Busch-AudioWorld® intercom amplifier insert with display

Contact with every room.

This communication module operates as system amplifier for the Busch-AudioWorld® central unit in mono/stereo mode and serves as volume control and for voice messages to 15 different call zones. It additionally offers sound control, alarm/sleep function and display of time. When used as intercom system, the practical broadcast function is enabled. Voice messages can be deactivated on every intercom amplifier insert, when a patient is in the consulting room, for example.

Always the right music.

The clear display supports the intuitive control of dialogue and music. In addition, one can switch between the radio of the central unit and an external music source, and a change between the eight stored radio stations is also possible.

Switch range.

This product is available in the following versions.

Everything under control.

Particularly helpful is the monitoring function. Similar to a babyphone, sensitive areas such as the infusion room can be reliably monitored.

Ideal for sound in multiple rooms.

The Busch-AudioWorld® central unit, and, if desired, an additional stereo system, can be installed in the room. Music can be played in the connected rooms via the amplifier inserts, the system can be used as intercom with the intercom management function and the volume can be individually adjusted.