Busch-AudioWorld® central unit

Enjoyable entertainment.

Busch-AudioWorld® is a versatile audio system for shops, offices and practices. The basis of this innovative system is the Busch-AudioWorld® central unit in the design of a mini hi-fi component with integrated stereo radio tuner. It is ideal for setting up high-quality multi-room sound systems.

The Busch-AudioWorld® central unit has a stereo radio tuner with eight freely assignable storage locations. It offers the best reception, cable transmitter compatibility and two AUX inputs for external music sources such as stereo systems. In other connected rooms two stereo channels can be played; for example, a radio channel and an AUX input. The Busch-AudioWorld® central unit is operated in the connected rooms directly and via amplifier inserts. Up to 16 Busch-AudioWorld® built-in loudspeakers can be connected to one MDRC amplifier. A maximum of four MDRC amplifiers can be connected to the Busch-AudioWorld® central unit. An additional channel serves for voice messages.

The system is intuitive and easy to operate. After the desired radio stations have been stored, it is controlled exclusively via the operating surfaces of the amplifier inserts. It allows the volume to be adjusted to the individual conditions in the room. The Busch-AudioWorld® central unit is very easy to connect, an 8-core telephone cable is adequate. And there is a special connecting socket on the rear for the audio bus cabling.

Ideal for multi-room sound systems.

The Busch-AudioWorld® central unit, and, if desired, an additional stereo system, can be installed in the room. Music can be played in the connected rooms via the amplifier inserts, the system can be used as intercom with the intercom management function and the volume can be individually adjusted.