Busch-AudioWorld® built-in loudspeakers for radios, flush-mounted

Dynamics in compact format.

Busch-AudioWorld® offers two 2" (5 cm) built-in loudspeaker inserts. Both for the Busch-Radio iNet and DigitalRadio. Or for the intercom amplifier insert, the microphone control centre and MDRC amplifier. Together with the desired cover plate the built-in loudspeaker insert is ideally suited for mounting in all Busch-Jaeger switch ranges with 1 to 5gang frames and makes an elegant combination. There is also the additional option of integrating it in the Busch-iDock.

Switch range.

This product is available in the following versions.

Options for extension.

The Busch-AudioWorld® built-in loudspeaker are the ideal supplement for flush-mounted radios.
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