Busch-Watchdog Sky KNX

Detecting details at all times. Even from a distance.

Even in high rooms nothing remains in the dark. Because the Busch-Watchdog Sky KNX detects even the smallest movement from a distance of 24 metres. This makes it perfectly suitable for switching light rows on and off in dependence of persons in the room. A perfect movement detector with two independent channels. With the integrated KNX bus coupler it can enter sensitive data into the system. Its modern compact design adapts itself to all interior designs. Its spacious radius has an added advantage: One detector is sufficient for energy efficiency in high large rooms.

Overview of colours.

The Busch-Watchdog Sky KNX is available in alpine white.

Programming without a ladder.

Practical for adjustments: The Busch-Watchdog /-Presence detector can be set to programming mode without a ladder with an IR remote control and then conveniently programmed from the PC.

More information about the Busch-Remote control IR