Busch-Watchdog 220 WaveLINE

Extra versatile. For special tasks.

The Busch-Watchdog not only looks good. It also impresses with its inner quality. High-quality, intelligent technology adds a new dimension to safety. And it gives one a feeling of safety, inside and out. The intelligent Busch-Jaeger movement detectors miss nothing. They respond instantly when needed. For example, they detect immediately when a light is to be switched on or off, and they are a reliable signpost in the dark. These high-quality detection systems guarantee uninterrupted surveillance in all areas. They ensure that your sleep is peaceful, chase away thieves and switch the light on and off when you are on holiday.

This model was designed especially for living concepts and additionally offers the technology of the Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE. Since it operates with radio signals, the functions of the sensors and actuators are spread over both devices. The sensor can be mounted in any location - preferably where it has the best overview. Several Busch-Watchdog 220 WaveLINE can be assigned to a single actuator. This allows angled and hilly areas to be completely monitored. The device operates without cables. Its operation is especially economical because the high-performance batteries last up to ten years. If it detects a movement, it radios the switch-on signal to the built-in actuator, which can even be installed in a deep flush-mounted socket outlet underneath a push-button. The battery test is carried out on the device.

The transmission of a low-battery telegram is possible.

Overview of colours.

The Busch-Watchdog 220 WaveLINE is available in modern colours - white, anthracite, brown and silver metallic.

Detection range.

This movement detector has a detection range of 220°. The coverage is 16 meters to all sides. It has four detection levels without any gaps. Additional features of these innovative devices include ground and rear-field detection, creep zone protection and automatic switch-on of light when stepping out of the door. Second detection level of 1 m towards all sides as well as second switching output (first the path illumination, then main entrance illumination).

Cableless surveillance.

Mounting options.

01 Wall mounting.
The classic installation. The Busch-Watchdog movement detectors can be easily and quickly installed. In the classical position on the wall, for example. One of the most frequent installation options.

02 Wall mounting with gradient. Each task is carried out with consummate ease. Busch-Watchdogs are multitalented. Even in complicated installation situations, such as in a building on a hill or with a gradient, the movement detector with the corner adaptor can be installed and adjusted in such a way that it offers the most optimum possibility for detection.

03 Ceiling mounting. All good things come from above. If the Busch-Watchdog is to be installed on the ceiling, there are two versions. From the bottom for a wide detection range. Or with a corner adapter, to be able to position the device correctly.

04 Corner mounting. A Busch-Watchdog accepts all challenges. Thanks to a detection range of up to 280°, even the most difficult surveillance tasks are child's play. In combination with a special corner adapter it is installed on corners of buildings easily and quickly without any difficulty.

Additional functions for the Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE KNX model:

  • Comprehensive monitoring (with or without available activation)
  • Retrofitting for existing activation
  • Reduction of expenditure for mounting
  • Communication between sensor and actuator takes place wireless via HF (high-frequency) radio
  • Soft-component absorber for levelling uneven walls
  • Use of common AA-cell batteries
  • No operating voltage supply in the surveillance area
  • Battery-operated for wireless mounting. Can also be used where no mains voltage is available.
  • Not remote-controllable due to long service life of batteries
  • Five to ten years of battery service life (depending on the type of battery used
  • The option of battery test, display via LED on the device
  • Low-battery telegram for evaluating the corresponding display/message units
  • Radio control for the ideal placement to the detection range
  • Comprehensive surveillance. Combination of several sensors is possible.
  • Retrofitting for existing continuous light switching
  • Reduction of expenditure for mounting, since laying of cables is not necessary
  • Creep zone protection in the detection range
  • Microprocessor evaluation
  • Glare-proof
  • Test function (automatic transfer to standard after ten minutes)
  • Any types of loads

Rearfield detection.

A typical feature of comfort is the practical rearfield detection. When stepping out of the house it automatically switches on the outdoor lights. That means you do not step from the illuminated hallway directly into the dark, but are greeted by a reassuring light in front of the door.