Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE

The pleasantness of safety.

The Busch-Watchdog not only looks good. It also impresses with its inner quality. High-quality, intelligent technology adds a new dimension to safety. And it gives one a feeling of safety, inside and out. The intelligent Busch-Jaeger movement detectors miss nothing. They respond instantly when needed. For example, they detect immediately when a light is to be switched on or off, and they are a reliable signpost in the dark. These high-quality detection systems guarantee uninterrupted surveillance in all areas. They ensure that your sleep is peaceful, chase away thieves and switch the light on and off when you are on holiday.

All loads can be connected to each movement detector; the maximum, however, is 3,680 W/VA. Like all Busch-Watchdog models, it is easy to operate with practical functions such as operating mode, twilight setting, switch-off delay and short-time pulse. Also the automatic range stabilisation remains constant during different weather conditions. The Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE impresses with automatic interference suppression and presence simulation - ideal during the holiday period. An added advantage is the dismantling protection.

Easy and fast to install.

The movement detector can be easily positioned onto the wall connection box by latching it. And it can be protected against dismantling by means of an additional screw connection. The universal cable feed options make the devices suitable for all types of installations. The cable connections are made only after the bottom part of the device has been mounted.

The colour to match the facade.

The Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE is available in modern colours - white, brown, anthracite and silver metallic.

Detection range.

This movement detector has a detection range of 220°. The coverage is 16 meters to all sides. It has four detection levels without any gaps. Additional features of these innovative devices include ground and rear-field detection, creep zone protection and automatic switch-on of light when stepping out of the door.

Mounting options.

01 Wall mounting.
 The classic installation. The Busch-Watchdog movement detectors can be easily and quickly installed. In the classical position on the wall, for example. One of the most frequent installation options.

02 Wall mounting with gradient. Each task is carried out with consummate ease. Busch-Watchdogs are multitalented. Even in complicated installation situations, such as in a building on a hill or with a gradient, the movement detector with the corner adaptor can be installed and adjusted in such a way that it offers the most optimum possibility for detection.

03 Ceiling mounting. All good things come from above. If the Busch-Watchdog is to be installed on the ceiling, there are two versions. From the bottom for a wide detection range. Or with a corner adapter, to be able to position the device correctly.

04 Corner mounting. A Busch-Watchdog accepts all challenges. Thanks to a detection range of up to 280°, even the most difficult surveillance tasks are child's play. In combination with a special corner adapter it is installed on corners of buildings easily and quickly without any difficulty.

Comfortably controlling all functions.

With the practical IR remote control you are always fully in charge of safety and comfort. The settings can be handled easily without a ladder or an electrical installer. For example, brightness switching threshold, presence simulation or continuous light On/Off.

Link to IR remote control

  • Ideal for free-standing houses
  • Detection range of 220°, 16 m to all sides
  • With four detection levels
  • The device can be protected against direct dismantling by means of additional screw connections.
  • The retaining hole is compatible with all previous Busch-Watchdog models
  • Important functions such as continuous light On, continuous Off, presence simulation, saving of the brightness switching threshold can be deactivated/activated with the IR remote control without a setting on the device.
  • Remote operation and remote parameterization, further settings/functions can now be disconnected/connected via the IR service remote control.
  • Saving of energy: The time for the forced switch-off depends on the set switch-off delay; however, it is limited to a maximum of 90 minutes.
  • Signalling of detection to make commissioning easier or for diagnostics purposes
  • Cabling is easy to install without clamping
  • No gaps in detection, homogenous, large detection range
  • Floor and rearfield detection
  • As creep zone protection and switch-on when stepping out of the door
  • Automatic range stabilisation. In case of changing outdoor conditions the Busch-Watchdog keeps the range constant.
  • Automatic interference suppression
  • Presence simulation (while on holiday, for example). At the arrival of twilight, continuous light is activated and after approximately 11:30 p.m. the watchdog function.
  • All loads connectable, maximum 3,680 W/VA

Rearfield detection.

A typical feature of comfort is the practical rearfield detection. When stepping out of the house it automatically switches on the outdoor lights. That means you do not step from the illuminated hallway directly into the dark, but are greeted by a reassuring light in front of the door.