Busch-Presence detector mini premium KNX

Easy comprehensive control. Without being obtrusive.

Small and sensitive, with sensors that detect temperature and light up to 8 metres away. With its mere 16 millimetres of height and 8 millimetres edge length it is almost invisible. And it operates in numerous disciplines: Whether it uniformly dims the brightness according to set values, regulates the heating and cooling up to the minutest degree, switches delayed in 5 logic channels, or activates other individual applications via 24 freely programmable infrared channels. Its sensors detect seated persons and the minutest differences in brightness. The Busch-Presence detector mini premium KNX, its greatness comes from within.

Overview of colours.

The colour to match the installation situation. The Busch-Presence detector mini premium KNX is available in the modern colours of alpine white and aluminium silver.

2-in-1 presence and room temperature controller.

The Busch presence detector premium KNX combines the functions of a presence detector with the integrated object room temperature controller. Ideal for all rooms that are centrally controlled via the KNX system.

Programming without a ladder.

Practical for adjustments: The Busch-Watchdog /-Presence detector can be set to programming mode without a ladder with an IR remote control and then conveniently programmed from the PC.

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