Busch-Presence detector mini KNX

Expertise always works. Almost unnoticed.

Even what happens at a distance of 8 metres the Busch-Presence detector mini, KNX, uses to send control data to the KNX bus. With its minimal mounting height of only 16 millimetres and edge length of only 8 centimetres it remains unobtrusive. Its modern design adapts itself perfectly to all conditions. The sensor technology detects even the slightest movement in the room. This means that also seated persons always have the best possible light. With its two channels it can even independently switch two light rows. Even as a pure detector with integrated monitoring function it remains as subtle as it is effective.

Overview of colours.

The colour to match the installation situation. The Busch-Presence detector mini KNX is available in the modern colours of alpine white and aluminium silver.