Busch-Präsenzmelder Corridor premium KNX.

Saving energy is one of the most important topics in the functional buildings sector. Since a lot of money can be saved especially in the use of light, the optimization of light management is in great demand. And it is precisely for this purpose that the Busch-Presence detectors Corridor KNX have been designed.

A large detection range in long, narrow corridors makes the presence detector of special interest particularly in facility and administration buildings, schools, homes for the elderly, hospitals and hotels.

The major difference to conventional presence detectors is the detection range, which, for both versions, is rectangular and not circular. That is why the detection is optimally adapted to long corridors.

Product benefits of the Busch-Presence detector Corridor KNX

  • Large, rectangular detection range also ideal for long, narrow corridors and hallways
  • Flat construction type and elegant yet unobtrusive design in line with the other Busch presence detectors
  • Premium version with integrated room temperature controller and constant light controller with two-stage deactivation
  • Programming of the premium version possible with infrared remote control
  • Can be mounted without problems in suspended ceilings as well as surface-mounted with SM box and on VDE flush-mounted boxes with intermediate ring

Overview of colours.

2-in-1 presence and room temperature controller.

The Busch presence detector premium KNX combines the functions of a presence detector with the integrated object room temperature controller. Ideal for all rooms that are centrally controlled via the KNX system.

Programming without a ladder.

Practical for adjustments: The Busch-Watchdog /-Presence detector can be set to programming mode without a ladder with an IR remote control and then conveniently programmed from the PC.

More information about the Busch-Remote control IR