Busch-Comfort switch

Perfect support.

Functional and attractive. The elegant Busch-Comfort switch can be operated just like a normal light switch, without affecting the automatic mode. However, it offers interesting functions which have not been available in a device of this type up to the present. It can be switched contact-less, manually or timer-controlled. The Busch-Comfort switch demonstrates what is expected of technology today. At an excellent price-performance ratio.

The Busch-Comfort switch offers different comfort stages for each requirement. For example, it can be used as fully automatic. In this case it switches the light on and off independently when a movement is registered. And the semi-automatic version leaves the light on until it is switched off manually.

Flexibility in application.

Its intelligent extension unit input makes it possible to integrate it into almost all two-way and intermediate switches. Only the remaining two-way and intermediate switches need to be replaced by push-buttons. For extension unit operation the existing wires of the two-way and intermediate switches can be used. The 2-wire insert is ideally suited for retrofitting. And the relay insert makes it possible to connect universal loads. Exemplary. No matter which function is preferred, the Busch-Comfort switch displays itself as a normal light switch and is just as easy to operate.

Switch range.

This product is available in the following versions.

Contactless operation.

Time comfort. Manually on, but switching off automatically.

For stairwells as staircase light timer switch. You come home and the light is still on because someone else just came through the corridor. After a few steps you are suddenly in the dark because the set time has expired. The innovative Busch-Watchdogs reliably prevent such, at times dangerous, situations from occurring. They register again when a person is in the corridor and start the selected switch-off delay anew.

Medium comfort. Automatic on, but switching off manually.

For angled cellars or workrooms. Busch-Comfort switches turn on the light automatically and leave it switched on as long as you need it. If you do not move or you temporarily leave the detection range, the light remains switched on. This allows you to concentrate on your work and decide yourself when it needs to be dark again.

Maximum comfort. Never switch by hand again.

For transit rooms such as corridor, cellar and toilet. The light is switched on automatically when someone enters the detection range. The switch-off delay can be selected between one to ten minutes. Special safety: If a person again passes through the detection range, the timer setting starts anew from the beginning. Also the brightness threshold from which the light switches itself on can be adapted to the prevailing conditions. This gives you freedom and flexibility - even when the light conditions change. Busch-Comfort switch relay inserts can also be switched in parallel.

  • Acts like a light switch
  • Adjustable operating mode: semi-automatic mode, automatic activation, manual deactivation
  • Adjustable operating mode: automatic time control, manual
    activation, automatic (time and movement controlled) deactivation
  • Adjustable operating mode: automatic mode, automatic (movement controlled) activation and deactivation
  • Push-button switch function possible at all times
  • Detection with animal access
  • Detection range: frontal 5 m, lateral 3 m
  • Opening angle: 170°