Busch-Blind comfort switch

Comfortable operation in a trice.

Here the simplest operation has priority. The Busch-Blind comfort switch enables you to handle your blinds intuitively, both for control as well as programming.

The knob of the Busch-Blind comfort switch can be turned 180°. The blind moves to the position set on the rotary knob, i.e. the blind stops automatically. After having used the rotary knob a few times you get a feeling for how far you need to turn it to move the blind to the desired position. Or in the true sense of the word - in a trice.

After each completed movement the Busch-Blind comfort switch determines the duration of movement. In this way the differences in movement times during the course of the years are taken over.

The Busch-Blind comfort switch also has an automatic function (memory function). This function carries out the programmed switch commands (Up/Down) in a 24-hour cycle. One Up and one Down command can be stored, which is repeated each day.

Switch range.

This product is available in the following versions.


Position "Up". Moves the blind to the top end position.

Intermediate position. With this position of the rotary knob the blind can be moved precisely to the desired position.

Position "Down". Moves the blind to the bottom end position.

Memory function. In automatic mode the blind is moved up and down at the specified times.