Sign of the times.

Modern style, safety and elegance. The Busch-MasterLight® is much more than merely a light at the front door. It is the modern and aesthetic opportunity to show ones true colour. This innovative lamp enhances the individual style of the house and is the perfect supplement for the new Busch-Watchdog. It safely shows visitors the way. And with its innovative LED technology with 15 different colours, it is more variable and efficient than any other lamp.

Clear, elegant optics.

The Busch-MasterLight® impresses with its aesthetic, inspiring design. And the white translucent luminary with specially developed optical fibre for uniform light distribution. For this, the slim LED lamp, which is mounted flat on the wall, is a mere 33 mm deep. That is why it matches perfectly with the new Busch-Watchdog generation and the outdoor station of the ABB-Welcome range. This also ensures a uniform design in front of the house. The Busch-MasterLight® presents itself in the colours white, anthracite, brown and silver metallic. In this way, this modern lamp, together with its clear shape, adapts itself harmoniously to all imaginable facade colours. It can thus be mounted precisely on uneven stonework. And this thanks to a level adjustment, a special soft component on the rear of the wall connection box.

Exemplary efficiency.

The Busch-MasterLight® is particularly economical due to its innovative LED technology. Nine LED lamps provide a minimum power consumption at a high luminosity. The luminous efficiency of the LEDs corresponds approximately to a 40 watt incandescent lamp. This ensures adequate illumination for the entrance area of the house if it is mounted close to the door. When twilight sets in, the LED switches the light on with approximately 15 percent of the maximum brightness value. The switchover of brightness to 100% is carried out manually via the switching input or automatically, e.g. via the connection of a Busch-Watchdog, which detects the person approaching the house.

Overview of colours.

House number included.

When twilight sets in, the LED switches on with approximately 15 percent of the maximum brightness value. This enables strangers - whether taxi drivers, rescue services or messengers - to clearly read the house number. It can be easily fixed to the luminous area with self-adhesive numbers and letters which also match the design. The Busch-MasterLight® has a 3-point rear panel made of aluminium. It can thus be precisely mounted onto uneven surfaces.

Illuminatingly different.

With Busch-MasterLight®, 15 different colours can be set, for example, to match the facade or to set a special accent. This is made possible due to the different colours of the LEDs. The desired colour of the light can be set via the extension unit input in the house with the push-button. The Busch-MasterLight® uses five white LEDs and four LEDs with adjustable colours. The mixing of white, red, green and blue light results in new shades of colour. This is another advantage of the innovative LED technology, in addition to energy efficiency.

Alarm function.

The alarm function is activated by pressing an extension unit button. The lamp in this case flashes red and white. This alerts the neighbours, passers-by and the rescue services to the site of an emergency. Even without knowing its function the rescue services are definitely made aware of the flashing light. They recognize the glued-on house number and quickly find the right direction. A new press of the push-button cancels the alarm function.

  • Design to match the new generation of the Busch-Watchdog and the outdoor station of the ABB-Welcome door communication
  • LED lamp mounted flat on the wall (33 mm)
  • Illuminant translucent white
  •  Homogenous distribution of light with large illuminated area due to a specially developed optical fibre
  • The entrance of the house is highlighted with this basic illumination
  • The house number can be fixed to the luminous area with the self-adhesive numbers and letters that have been supplied and also match the lamp
  • This also enables strangers to clearly see and read the house number
  • The suitable device is always available to match the colour of the facade
  • Direct connection of the cable on the device (screw-type terminals)
  • Twilight-dependent illumination of the house entrance. When twilight sets in, the LED switches on with approximately 15 percent of the maximum brightness value (ca. 1.2 W)
  • Individual adjustment of the twilight value at which the light is automatically switched on
  • Via an extension unit, in combination with a Busch-Watchdog, for example, the light can be switched to 100% brightness when someone approaches the house
  • LED luminous efficiency 9 W (corresponds to a 40 W incandescent lamp)
  • Energy-saving due to innovative LED technology with nine LEDs
  • 16 different luminous colours
  • The colours can be set directly on the device
  • Additional extension unit input also activates the alarm function
  • Available in white, anthracite, brown and silver metallic