Busch-Dimmer® with IR

Perfect dimming of lights.

The IR control elements make dimming with the remote control especially convenient - in combination with manual operation directly on the dimmer when required.

The Busch-Dimmer® can be remote controlled via the infrared remote control. The integration in a remote room control for light, blinds and other electric loads such as screen, slide projector, etc., sets new standards and shows each personal style in the right light.

The lighting can be switched on/off and dimmed as usual. Switching on can occur optionally with the last dimming value (memory effect) or by softly raising it to this value (soft ON).

Switch range.

This product is available in the following versions.

Infrared remote control.

They can be used to specifically activate several Busch-Dimmer® units. In this way several lamps can be dimmed with only a single remote control. Yet, the flexibility of the Busch-Jaeger remote control offers even more. Individually set light scenes can be called up with a press of a button, such as lighting suitable for a relaxing evening with the home cinema.

Further information for implementing the remote control is contained in chapter Remote Control.
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