USB connection unit

Effortless connection.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus system for connecting a computer with external devices. Devices fitted with USB or storage media (USB memory sticks) can be connected during running operation and connected devices and their characteristics are automatically recognized. Before the introduction of USB there were numerous types of interfaces with different plugs for connecting accessories and peripheral devices to a home or personal computer. Almost all of these interface versions have been replaced with the uniform USB, making things a lot easier for the user. The current 3.0 version offers a gross data transfer rate of up to 500 MByte/s.

The USB communication adapter from Busch-Jaeger makes possible the connection of mobile terminal devices such as computer accessories (printer, scanner, USB sticks, etc.) or digital cameras.

  • USB socket: Type A, USB-2.0-capable
  • For connecting 5-core USB cables
  • For mounting in cable ducts, flush-mounted device boxes and sub-floor systems

Overview of colours.

The inserts of the USB connection unit are available in white, alpine white and grey.

Switch range.

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