Telephone connection unit

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The telephone connection box (TAE) is a unit for analogue telephone connections (a/b interface) and ISDN connections for connecting the NTBA to the connecting cable.

International telecommunications connections can only be realised using the same connection techniques. World-wide standardised installation possibilities are defined in the European Standard, EN 41001. For the connecting technology termed modular jack or Western technology, 4, 6 and 8-pole designs are available on the market. Here the 8-pole connection, for example, is used for the basic ISDN connection.

The telephone connection boxes from Busch-Jaeger are available in different models, for example:

  • For 1 telephone or 1 terminal device (e.g. telefax, answering machine, modem) 6-pole for 1 subscriber line
  • For 2 telephones and 1 additional equipment unit or 1 data transmission unit (e.g. telefax, answering machine, modem) 2x 6/6-pole for 2 subscriber lines
  • For 1 telephone and 2 additional equipment units or 2 data transmission units (e.g. telefax, answering machine, modem) 3x 6-polie for 1 subscriber line
  • ISDN-capable cat. 3 according to IEC 603-7/DIN EN 60603-7, TAE: for 1 telephone, 1 additional equipment unit or 1 data transmission unit 2x 6-pole

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