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Discover our diverse product solutions. From light switches and power sockets to motion detectors and charging solutions for the flush-mounted socket for smartphone and tablet. And all made in Germany.

  1. 1 Light switches
  2. 2 Socket outlets
  3. 3 Multimedia solutions
  4. 4 USB chargers
  5. 5 Dimmers
  6. 6 LED light
  7. 7 Motion detectors
  8. 8 Presence detectors
  9. 9 Smoke/heat/CO warning detector
  10. 10 Blind management
  11. 11 Room temperature controller
  12. 12 Remote control
  13. 13 Safety technology

Light switches

Modern light switches are much more than just utilitarian objects. They are fascinating design objects. With a variety of materials, shapes and colors, there is certainly the right switch program for every taste. So you can design their rooms individually and set with our switch programs still a visual highlight on top.

Socket outlets

Many different devices in various rooms need to be supplied with electricity. But this can also be life-threatening under certain circumstances. An appliance can quickly become defective without you noticing, or your offspring can play with the socket. It is good if you have taken care of the safe socket outlets from Busch-Jaeger beforehand. We offer the right socket outlet for different requirements - whether for damp or dry rooms, with orientation light or the classic SCHUKO® socket outlet. Our product range is diverse.


With our audio solutions, living spaces can also be designed acoustically. In hotels and restaurants as well as in stores or at home. For example, with innovative radios that are discreet and space-saving in the design of our switch ranges. And can be heard everywhere.

USB chargers

With the USB chargers, your cell phones will find the ideal place to charge. And thanks to the flush-mounted charging solution, you don't even have to do without a power outlet in the process.


Our Busch-Dimmer® create an intimate, homely atmosphere by gently reducing the amount of light. They offer the possibility to create exactly the right light depending on the mood and occasion.

LED Light

The LED lights from Busch-Jaeger give lighting design a new quality and thus open up new perspectives when designing, illuminating, orienting and informing in your premises.

Motion detectors

Our innovative and high-quality motion detectors simply make life more convenient. They are alert, helpful, efficient and automatically manage many tasks in all areas of the building. Both indoors and outdoors. Functions such as lighting control, heating or air conditioning, can thus be automatically integrated into the control system.

Presence detectors

Presence detectors automatically detect whether someone is in the room. Their precision is significantly superior to conventional motion detectors. Lighting, but also heating systems and air conditioning can be controlled intelligently and effectively by presence detectors.

Smoke/heat/CO warning detector

It burns faster than you think. In the household - and especially in the kitchen - a lot of work is done with heat sources. And then the doorbell rings, you're chatting with the neighbor, the cooking pot overheats ... In such cases, smoke and heat detectors alert you to the danger with a loud alarm signal and thus prevent the worst.

Blind control

With our solutions for blind control you have the possibility to control all motor-driven blinds, shutters and awnings via a switch insert in your wall. Tedious cranking or pulling on shutter belts is now a thing of the past.

Room temperature controller

With our room temperature controllers, you always have the indoor climate in your home under control. The controls allow you to set optimally heated or cooled rooms - for a constantly pleasant ambience.

Remote control

Conveniently control the lighting from anywhere in the room. Simply by radio signal and without additional wiring. With the new ZigBee Light Link or WaveLINE, which enables the control of lighting solutions from many well-known manufacturers.

Safety technology

With our product solutions from the field of safety technology, you are always on the safe side. From emergency heating switches and emergency call sensors to proximity switches that enable contactless switching of light sources.