Integrating a variety of systems and solutions infinitely expands the possibilities for intelligently networking industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The right solution for every demand and every need. Smart Building, Smarter Home and Smarter Mobility: Simply smarter, in all areas. Connecting home, work and life. 

Almost unlimited possibilities for a networked home. ABB’s versatile solutions for intelligent home control offer the right solution for every requirement. Blinds, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, media and door communication can be controlled with ease – whether on the move or at home. For a new dimension in living comfort, security and energy efficiency. Simply smarter when you live as you please.

Consumer units UK600

A smarter space for your installation ideas. 

Thanks to their clever design, the UK600 series consumer units open up completely new possibilities for all installation tasks. A connection space that is up to 200 per cent larger than usual enables easy installation of devices while a separate area for media components covers all conceivable installation requirements quickly and effectively. Smart details such as the cable entry slider with integrated clamp mountings and the variable use in solid walls or drywall underline the high flexibility the consumer units have to offer.

  • Three versions: consumer unit, media enclosure and combi enclosure
  • Flush mounted, surface mounted and hollow-wall mounted
  • New 5-row versions for digital home installations
  • Variety of design doors for every kind of room concept
  • A project-phase-specific order option

Mistral 41W 

Surface-mounted consumer unit. 

The Mistral 41W series offers practical surface-mounted consumer units for residential buildings that impress with their attractive design, high functionality and ease of installation. Thanks to both centralised installation of media and communication technology and structured cabling, all multimedia applications are visible at a glance.

  • Protection class IP41
  • N/PE quick-terminals
  • Door opening angle of 180 degrees
  • Multimedia version
  • Top, bottom and side alignment


Your home is becoming smarter.

ABB-free@home® is specially tailored to meet the needs of smart residential buildings and is excellently suited for both new construction and renovation projects. Blind, light, heating, airconditioning or door communication can be easily controlled in line with your personal wishes. For example, to change the lighting mood, just tap on the tablet or smartphoneʼs touchscreen or use a simple voice command: blinds will move, lighting colours will change. You can use all functions individually or combine them with others. In other words, you determine the type and number of functions you want to intelligently control yourself. Plus, you have the option of adding desired additional functions at a later date. Simply smarter – for the life you desire.

Audio Control ABB-free@home®.

When paired with ABB-free@home®, the wireless Sonos Home Sound System can be directly controlled via a switch, a panel or the ABB-free@home® app. Once linked with ABB-free@home®, the Sonos speakers can also be integrated into scenes. For example, you can create a “Good Morning” scene that links the kitchen and dining room speakers and plays your favourite radio station. In addition to panel control, the Sonos Home Sound System can now also be operated via built-in switches on the wall. They are available for the switch ranges carat®, solo®, Busch-axcent®, pure stainless steel, future® linear and Busch-balance® SI.

  • Sonos speaker control via a switch on the wall
  • Simple set-up
  • Creation of Sonos groups via ABB-free@homeTouch is also possible

Voice control with Amazon Alexa and ABB-free@home®.

ABB-free@home® can be controlled via voice command using Amazon Alexa.

  • Manage complete scenarios as well as light, temperature and blinds
  • Convenient voice control without needing to lift a finger
  • Registration in the myBUSCH-JAEGER portal is required

Geofencing for unlimited comfort.

Geofencing makes location-dependent home automation possible. As soon as residents approach a personally defined virtual boundary, their smartphone communicates their position to the home automation system. This in turn causes preselected functions such as light scenes, music or blinds to be called up automatically. Integrated in the ABB-free@home® system, geofencing makes home automation even more efficient and comfortable. One especially practical feature is that the function can be used by several people at the same time. In order to use this service, you will need to register with myBUSCH-JAEGER portal.

  • Enables location-dependent house control
  • Efficiently control functions with preset commands as required
  • Accessible for several users at the same time


Convenient charging and networking.

Busch-powerDock removes the hassle of searching for the charging cable. Built into a flush-mounted box, the charging station for your mobile device is always located in a fixed place. Particularly practical: the Quick Charge® function enables fast charging. The station is suitable for modern uniform smartphone charging interfaces, such as for iPods and iPhones with a lightning connection or a USB-C port.

  • Quick Charge®
  • Fixed loading bay
  • Can be combined with all Busch-Jaeger switch ranges

Busch-Dimmer® REG, LED, 20–800 W 

Dimmers for all lamp types.

A cosy evening at home –the use of a dimmer immerses every room in warm, atmospheric light.

The REG-LED dimmer makes it easy to dim retrofit LEDs and control conventional light bulbs.

  • With wake-up function
  • Convenient dimming of LED lighting
  • Matched to retrofit LEDs
  • Harmonious and flicker-free dimming path


More security for your home.

ABB-secure@home helps you keep everything under control in your own four walls. The wireless system protects residential buildings and properties from burglary and theft, but also from sources of danger such as fire or water. It is easy to install, wonʼt damage walls or floors, and can be easily integrated into ABB-free@home®. In the event of an alarm, for example, the lights can be switched on and the blinds raised. More synergies – Smarter Home

  • Connection to ABB-free@home®
  • “VdS Home” certification
  • Constant monitoring of communication and possible interferences
  • Activation and deactivation of the alarm system via ABB-free@homeTouch


Intelligent storage and use of solar energy.

The REACT 2 storage system enables the efficient use of stored solar energy for residential buildings. Excess energy generated by the photovoltaic system during peak periods can be stored for later use. This means, for instance, that the stored electricity will also be available in times of increased energy demand. REACT 2 is compatible with the ABB-free@home® house control system, making it easy to use. You can also manage energy consumption on the go using an app for smartphones or tablets.. More information

  • Intelligent distribution of energy
  • Individual control of individual devices in order to make the best possible use of power

Prepare the buildings of today for the requirements of tomorrow. ABB integrates the intelligent control of temperature, lighting and air-conditioning as well as the monitoring of energy consumption into a complete solution portfolio. In modern buildings, everything can be networked and controlled as required – at any time and in any place. Increasing comfort, security and energy efficiency has never been easier. This is Smarter Building.

Busch-VoiceControl® KNX 

Control completely by voice

Busch-VoiceControl® KNX offers the unique possibility of controlling buildings completely by voice command with the digital speech assistants Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Whether switches, dimmers, blinds or thermostats, you decide which functions you wish to control with your voice.

  • Approved solution for three systems
  • Integration of lighting, heating and blind control systems
  • All three voice commands can be used simultaneously
  • Control up to 150 functions
  • Remote access is free of charge

Always the perfect light.

Light has an enormous influence on our well-being. Dimmed lighting in particular creates a pleasant atmosphere and efficiently and attractively accentuates the surroundings. It can be individually adapted to the time of day, the user and their preferences. In public buildings, where many lights are used at any time of day or night, LED dimmers also save energy costs by reducing the flow of current to the lamp.

DALI gateway with up to 2 x 64 DALI participants per device, KNX

The KNX DALI Gateway is the link between DALI lighting and KNX building automation.

  • Highest flexibility through combined group and individual control
  • Combination of normal DALI lighting and DALI single-battery emergency light

Busch-Dimmer® MDRC, LED, 20–800 W conventional

The REG-LED dimmer makes it easy to dim retrofit LEDs as well as control conventional light bulbs.

  • Mixed operation with conventional lamps
  • Integrated dimming functions such as memory, snooze, wake-up, childrenʼs room, central off, cleaning light and time functions
  • For staircase lighting control systems with automatic switch-off and warning function in accordance with DIN 18015-2
  • With adjustable minimum/maximum brightness

LED dimmer 4 x 210 W/VA and 6 x 210 W/VA, KNX 

The multi-channel universal dimmer is suitable for convenient dimming of retrofit LEDs (LEDi), 230 V halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps, electronic transformers and conventional lighting via the KNX bus. It is particularly practical for larger buildings such as hotels and public buildings.

  • Dimming path harmonious and flicker-free
  • Available with four and one with six channels
  • Automatic load detection (can be deactivated)
  • Parallel connection of channels for load increase via wire bridges possible

Busch-rotary dimmer Flush-mounted, LED, 2–400 W, conventional

The extra flat flush-mounted LED dimmer can be installed perfectly, even when space is limited.

  • Installation depth of less than 20 mm
  • With manually-adjustable operating mode: phase to/phase segment
  • With adjustable minimum/maximum brightness
  • Suitable for installation in wooden and hollow walls

Automation that inspires. 

Automated and time-controlled heating, ventilation and shading processes ensure perfect working conditions at the workplace. Everyday applications are flexibly adapted to individual needs and will only be used when they are actually needed. Thanks to fully automated operations, you no longer have to worry about the details. Nevertheless, you always have full control over all functionalities. For greater energy efficiency, comfort and cost savings.

Time receiver GPS TR/A 1.1
The GPS time receiver is used to receive the time and date, outdoor temperature and brightness and transmits this data to the KNX bus.

  • Always the current time, date and sun position in the KNX system
  • Control dependent on sun position, sunrise and sunset times

Air-quality sensor with RTC, LGS/A 1.2

The sensor measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity in the room and transmits the measured values to the KNX bus.

  • With integrated room temperature controller
  • Controls actuators for heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Air-quality sensor and controller in one device

Blind/roller shutter actuator with binary inputs JRA/S

The blind actuator with binary inputs has six changeover contacts for controlling blinds, shutters and window curtains and 12 binary inputs for connecting conventional buttons and switches.

  • Saves time by providing inputs and outputs in one device
  • Flexible – in addition to blinds and roller shutters, lighting can also be controlled

Fire alarm control panel BZK4E and BZK8E

Maximum security that helps you relax.

The fire alarm control panels are suitable for use in fire alarm systems for monitoring small to medium-sized buildings such as childcare facilities, retirement homes, hotels with up to 60 beds as well as offices and industrial buildings. The control panels correspond to the device standards DIN EN 54 Part 2 and Part 4, respectively.

  • The BZK4E has four to six detector groups
  • The BZK8E has eight to sixteen detector groups
  • Compliant with device standards DIN EN 54 Part 2 and 4


Protection for trade and industry

Escape routes can be reliably marked and illuminated thanks to the PrimEvo series of LED escape route and exit sign self-contained luminaires. It is suitable for both maintained mode and standby mode and also comes with an automatic self-test function.

  • Comprehensive functionality and mounting options
  • Up to 32 per cent faster installation

IP-Router Secure, KNX

Highest security in the KNX IP network.

ABB protects your KNX installation and makes it safe. The new ABB i-bus® KNX IP Router supports the KNX Secure Standard and offers the highest security that is available on the building automation market.

  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Simple integration and safe operation
  • Protects against unauthorised access

Secure cable bundling.

They fasten, lock, connect and secure – cable management solutions make cabling for industrial and technical applications, as well as electrical installations of any kind, easier and, above all, safer. There are suitable designs for every application. Cable ties are also available in different colours for quick optical differentiation.

Ty-Rap® detectable cable ties.

Detectable Ty-Rap® cable ties now have an increased metal content. The metal detectors improve traceability and increase food preparation safety.

  • The material compound can be detected by X-ray equipment and metal detectors
  • Available in a range of colours (blue, grey, brown) for different operational areas

Ty-Fast® Ag+® bacteria-resistant cable ties . 

The first antimicrobial cable ties to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould on their surface.

  • Protects against microbial growth
  • Reduces bacteria by 99.9 per cent
  • Made from FDA-approved nylon resin


Efficient climate control in one system.

ClimaECO is the holistic heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) automation solution for commercial buildings based on the proven ABB i-bus® KNX system. A solution that seamlessly integrates room automation and central HVAC functions into one system – a significant step towards increasing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs. ClimaECO – making your building more economic, sustainable and comfortable. More information

  • Highest energy efficiency thanks to a holistic HVAC automation solution. Achievement of energy efficiency class A according to EN 15232 with up to 30 per cent energy savings
  • Secure Investment, based on worldwide open standards
  • Simplifying the design and realisation of HVAC automation systems

Valve Drive Controllers, VC/S.

The Valve Drive Controller is suitable for controlling cooling surfaces, floor heating or radiators. An analog room control unit can be connected to each channel to adjust the setpoint temperature.

  • With integrated room-temperature controller
  • Integrated inputs for connecting room sensors

Fan Coil Controllers, FCC/S.

Fan Coil Controller steuern Gebläsekonvektoren zur Regelung der Raumtemperatur an. Direkt an das Gerät kann ein analoges Raumbediengerät zur Anpassung der Solltemperatur und Lüftergeschwindigkeit angeschlossen werden. Fan Coil Controllers control fan coil units to regulate the room temperature. An analog room control unit can be connected directly to the device to adjust the setpoint temperature and fan speed.

  • With integrated room-temperature controller
  • Supports continuous fans (0–10 V) and 6-way valves

Split Unit Gateway, SUG/U.

The Split Unit Gateway forms the interface between the KNX system and air-conditioning split units from a wide range of manufacturers.

  • “Silent mode” reduces noise
  • Boost option for maximum climate control
  • Horizontal and vertical slat swing
  • Selection of the split unit model via a free ETS app

ClimaECO sensors.

ABB has optimised its range of KNX room control units for commercial buildings. The result: easy-to-use room thermostats.

  • Available with integrated room temperature controller and CO2/humidity sensor
  • Can be flush or surface mounted
  • Control of all room functions from HVAC to shading and lighting

Boiler/Chiller Interface, BCI/S.

The Boiler/Chiller Interface enables the control and monitoring of chiller units and boilers and serves as an interface to the KNX system.

  • Setpoint adjustment via standard analog signals (0–10 V)
  • Control and monitoring of the heating/cooling circuit pump

Heating/Cooling Circuit Controllers, HCC/S.

The Heating/Cooling Circuit Controller regulates the flow of temperature to match heating and cooling requirements.

  • Control of 3-way mixing valves via 0–10 V or 3-point control
  • Support of systems with single or double pumps
  • Inputs for various temperature sensor types for measuring the flow and returnflow temperature

Building Automation Controller, BAC/S, KNX.

Advanced freely programmable KNX Building Automation Controller.

  • Standardised IEC 61131-3 programming based on the established Codesys software
  • Fully integrated in KNX and ETS
  • Modular extension of in-/outputs

Application Controller, AC/S.

Run predefined automation modules for a holistic HVAC automation solution from central HVAC to room. For example heat demand calculation, schedules and trends logs.

  • Own automation modules can be created
  • BACnet variant connect KNX to BACnet systems

Busch-Presence detectors

Energy-saving made easy with presence detectors.

The new Busch-Presence detectors reliably identify people in the vicinity. They also detect even very small movements, especially in offices and meeting rooms. They efficiently and reliably control lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as smaller systems, thus comfortably optimising the energy consumption of the building. Energy is only consumed when it is really needed, for example, for lighting or air-conditioning. In addition, you can also control the presence detectors manually, for example, by remote control via IR service transmitter or smartphone app (Bluetooth). More Information to the the ABB Watchdog Remote control App

  • New attractive design with low ceiling height
  • For ceiling mounting via spring brackets
  • High detection density
  • Switching/control outputs are available as relays, e-contacts and DALI interfaces (broadcast communication) with additional relay output

Protection for your electrical system.

As market leader and innovation driver, ABB is driving forward the future-proof energy supply of machines, buildings and plants. The range of coordinated devices and solutions for circuit, personal, surge and fire protection, as well as for energy management systems, covers the entire spectrum.

  • Miniature circuit breaker (Automatic circuit breaker)
  • Residual current-operated devices
  • Arc fault detection devices
  • Surge detection devices

Type 1 and Type 1 + 2 surge protective devices OVR-ZP.

The leak-free combination surge arresters for the 40 mm busbar system enable pre-counter operation.

  • Protective effect T1 + T2 + T3
  • Fast tool-free assembly
  • Pre-counter surge protection

Arc fault detection device AFDD with MCB S-ARC1 M 10 kA.

AFDD with MCB protects reliably against arc faults.

  • Rated breaking capacity 10 kA for all applications
  • For Insulation test (S-ARC1 off) up to 600 V, disconnection of cables is not required
  • Any supply from above or below
  • Maximum safety – easy installation

Arc fault detection device AFDD with RCBO DS-ARC1.

AFDD with RCBO protects against fault currents, over-current and arc faults.

  • LED with memory recall function
  • MCB, RCD and AFDD in one device
  • Two separate test buttons for AFDD and RCBO for separate check
  • Space-saving with bottom-fitting auxiliary

Busch-tacteo® KNX


The ABB-tacteo KNX glass sensor is a capacitive control element for the intelligent building automation of hotels, offices, public and residential buildings. It meets all the requirements that a modern design demands – the highest levels of quality and above all comfort. From blinds, lighting and heating to media and access control, everything is easy to control. With the ABB-tacteo configurator the sensors can be designed individually. Mehr Informationen

  • Capacitive glass sensor
  • Individually configurable as desired with pictograms and text
  • Extremely flat design
  • Special hotel applications with and without access control available

The future of mobility is smarter – it promises clean, sustainable and lownoise mobility solutions. Leading the way in this field, ABB is taking an important step towards an emission-free future: Smart fastcharging systems at petrol stations, motorway service stations or at home ensure that the dream of electric cars, buses, trucks, boats, and even racing cars, will come true.

EVLunic – AC Wallbox

Flexible and independent.

Charge overnight and climb into a fully charged electric car in the morning.

The wall charging stations which conveniently charge your electric car at home, operate with alternating current. AC variants from 4.6 kW to 22 kW are available, depending on the application. Charging time is four to eight hours, depending on the size and current capacity of the battery.

  • Compatible with all common electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Minimal space requirements and costs

SMARTER BUILDING Innovations 2018

SMARTER BUILDING Innovations 2018