Busch-Watchdog 70

Busch-Watchdog 70

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frontal 12m, lateral 4m

Angle of coverage


Areas of application

Terraced houses, garages, terraces, narrow corridors and hallways, etc.

The Busch-Watchdog 70 is a motion detector with reduced detection range. This makes it ideal for use in narrow terraced houses. Because this prevents the light from constantly switching on when there is a small distance between the house and the pavement due to people passing by. Or in case of movement on the neighbouring property.

What distinguishes the Busch-Watchdog® 70?


Colour to match the façade

The Busch-Watchdog® 70 is available in the contemporary colours white, brown, anthracite and silver metallic. For a harmonious interplay with any architectural style.



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