Busch-Watchdog 110

Busch-Watchdog 110

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Detection range

frontal 12m, lateral 4m

Angle of coverage


Areas of application

Terraced houses, garages, terraces, narrow corridors and hallways, etc.

The Busch-Watchdog 110 is a motion detector with a reduced detection range, making it particularly suitable in the area of terraced houses. This feature effectively prevents the light from constantly switching on when people are only just passing by the house or movements are detected on the neighbouring property. With the Busch-Watchdog 110, you can thus specifically and precisely monitor the areas that you actually want to have in view.

What distinguishes the Busch-Watchdog 110?


Color matching the facade

The Busch-Watchdog 110 is available in the contemporary colours white, brown, anthracite and silver metallic. For a harmonious interplay with any architectural style.



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