The convenient help

  • In-wall motion detector for staircase, hallway and large, cluttered rooms
  • Compatible with all flexTronics inserts
  • Automatic light switching: automatic switching of loads depending on movement and brightness
  • Compact and flat size
  • Two lenses for any surveillance situation
  • Three sensors: Basic, Comfort with Select and Multilens
  • Energy efficient

Two lenses for each monitoring situation

The Busch-Watchdog 180 flex models have two different lenses, depending on the design and application: select lens and multi lens.

Select lens

The select lens is suitable for corridors or rooms such as tea kitchens, in which a horizontal detection is sufficient or is desired e. g. for pets.

Multi lens

The multi-lens offers further areas of application thanks to four detection levels. For example, the lens can be used in staircases.

Intelligent combination

The Busch-Watchdog 180 flex in conjunction with the flex LED dimmer insert does not turn off the light suddenly, but shuts it down slowly within 60 seconds. Shutdown delay time and twilight value can be flexibly adjusted, freely selectable up to 30 minutes.

Manual operation

The comfort sensors can be operated manually above and below the sensing lens, enabling the light to be switched on or off manually if required.

Vigilant and always helpful

Especially in areas such as staircases, hallways or cellars, where you usually spend only a short time, a comfortable, automatic switching is extremely helpful. But they also manage the workflow effectively in offices and commercial facilities. The elegant, flat Busch-Watchdog 180 flex are built-in motion detectors for the living area and fit almost all Busch-Jaeger switch series (except Decento® and impuls).


The Busch-Watchdog 180 flex belong to the Busch-flexTronics range and are compatible with the smart Busch-free@home® flex room control system.

Everything under control

The Busch-Watchdog 180 flex offer a wide range of effects, especially in frontal approach. As soon as someone walks through the door, the switching process is triggered. When leaving, they automatically switch off again. The angle of detection is 180° and extends laterally to the wall. Despite its compact dimensions, it achieves a range of 12 m frontally and 8 m laterally, depending on the model. Depending on the room conditions, it is recommended to connect an additional motion detector, which is connected as an auxiliary station. For example, when entering an area that is not in the detection area.


Our flush-mounted motion detectors are of course also available in the different switch programs. So that you don’t have to give up on your individual design, even with a focus on comfort.