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Busch-Smoke Alarm Detector

Overview of colours

A safe decision

  • The smoke detectors draw attention to the danger with a loud alarm signal and thus prevent the worst from happening
  • The life saver for the night. For in sleep also the sense of smell of man rests
  • Can be networked with all smoke detectors in the house
  • Lithium batteries ensure continuous vigilance for ten years
  • Connection to ABB-free@home

Optimum protection with networking.

A safety net for your security. Even the best smoke detector is useless in houses and apartments spanning several floors if it cannot be heard. If it is too far away. To this we object: with smoke and heat detectors that are easy to network. They provide safety from the cellar to the roof. Whether wired or radio controlled: if one detector recognizes a danger, all installed devices alert the residents immediately - irrespective of where the smoke is located. This increases safety enormously, especially at night if not all rooms are being used.

You can connect to external systems such as vibrating pillows for the blind or light signal devices for the deaf, but also to KNX at any time thanks to the Busch-Smoke alarm detector® relay.

Even in a radio network, each individual alarm unit is always connected directly with all the others. If this is not possible for structural reasons, the next detector retransmits the radio signal (repeater function). The triggering smoke or heat alarm differs from the other devices in the house by means of a flashing alarm light. It is a safe network for your protection, because thanks to the lithium batteries that are permanently installed in the radio control module and which have a service life of ten years, the full functionality is of the networked alarm units is assured even during a mains power failure.

Legal obligation. Fewer deaths due to fire.

Smoke detectors save lives. Wherever there is a legal obligation to install smoke alarms, such as the USA, where a solid 93 percent of all households are equipped with at least one smoke detector, the number of deaths from smoke has been reduced by half. 200,000 fires break out in Germany every year with serious consequences: around 400 deaths, more than 4,000 burn injuries with long-term effects and over a billion euros in fire damage in the private sector. That is why the installation of smoke alarm detectors in residential units is prescribed by law in all German federal states.

Highest quality

Our smoke detectors are outstanding; two of them even have the "Q" label for their certified longevity, reduction of false alarms and increased stability. This provides a guarantee of highest quality and safety.

10-year battery and self-test

The integrated lithium battery provides reliable power supply for 10 years with sufficient capacity for weekly functional tests by the user. Because it is permanently integrated, it cannot be stolen or misused. Exception: Basic model with replaceable alkaline battery. Protects the user during the regular functional test. The self-test is performed automatically every 16 seconds without visual or audible indication.

Further benefits

  • Mute function: when enabled it prevents alarm triggering for 10 minutes.
  • Design: Refined look with matt, non-reflecting surface.
  • Installation advantage: Simple replacement of old Busch Smoke alarm detector® with a new model thanks to universal mounting. Drilled holes compatible with other manufacturers.
  • Bedroom-friendly: No distracting light indicator as in many other smoke alarms.

Connection to ABB-free@home

All networkable smoke alarms, CO and heat detectors from Busch-Jaeger can be easily integrated into the convenient ABB-free@home® home control system. In addition to the Busch smoke alarm RF / Busch CO Alarm RF radio modules responsible for the wireless communication of all detectors, only the ABB-free@home® Alarm Stick is required. This is connected to the USB port of the system access point and extends the functionality of ABB-free@home® by comprehensive alarm options

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