Busch-CO Alarm smoke detectors

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Busch-CO Alarm

Overview of colours

  • Carbon monoxide alarms with electrochemical sensor
  • With permanently installed 10-year lithium battery
  • Suitable for the connection to external systems such as ABB-free@home® via radio module Busch-CO Alarm RF in combination with the ABB-free@home® Alarm-Stick
  • Carbon monoxide alarms with electrochemical sensor
  • With test button and mute function
  • 3-stage signalling and alarm concept
  • LCD display to indicate the current CO concentration (from 30 ppm)
  • Tested according to BS EN50291-1:2010 and BS EN50291-2:2010
  • Audible alarm with 85 dBA at 3 m
  • Up to 20 detectors networkable via radio module 

What is CO?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an imperceptible, colourless, odourless and tasteless, highly toxic gas. It is therefore
also referred to as the "creeping death". CO is produced, among other things, by the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing
substances with insufficient oxygen supply. Carbon monoxide and air have approximately the same density, but carbon monoxide is slightly lighter. When CO exits the CO source, it is first distributed at the same level and then propagates in the room as desired (under normal room conditions). Carbon monoxide is so dangerous because it is not stopped by walls, ceilings and floors. It moves unhindered even through concrete and stone walls. For your this means that Even if there is no potential source of danger in your home, carbon monoxide can enter your home through adjacent spaces. The Busch-CO Alarm carbon monoxide detector loudly warns you of this creeping danger in time.

Knowledge protects against creeping death from CO

Most people know that open flames or damaged electrical cables can be the cause of a fire. But only a few know the sources of danger for the formation of life-threatening carbon monoxide. They are easy to avoid and easy to check regularly.

Dangerous CO can result from:

  • Gas boiler: insufficient ventilation
  • Fireplace: blocked exhaust
  • Gas heating: defective
  • Heating systems: inadequately maintained
  • Chimneys: clogged or shifted
  • New windows: lack of air circulation
  • Operation of combustion engines with inadequate ventilation
  • Gas-powered mushroom heaters and radiant heaters in closed rooms
  • Gas or coal grill on partially closed
    balconies or in front of open windows

Connection to free@home

All networkable smoke alarms, CO and heat detectors from Busch-Jaeger can be easily integrated into the convenient ABB-free@home® home control system. In addition to the Busch smoke alarm RF / Busch CO Alarm RF radio modules responsible for the wireless communication of all detectors, only the ABB-free@home® Alarm Stick is required. This is connected to the USB port of the system access point and extends the functionality of ABB-free@home® with comprehensive alarm options.

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