Busch Bluetooth receiver Reflex SI/SI Linear

Bluetooth receiver

Busch Bluetooth receiver

Sound without cables

  • The Bluetooth Receiver is an optimal solution for all those who stream their own music selection from their smartphone and do not need a flush-mounted radio
  • Compact with integrated power adaptor
  • For Busch-AudioWorld® as stand-alone amplifier
  • Each Bluetooth-capable mobile device can connect itself with the Bluetooth receiver
  • Last connected device is automatically coupled when entering the reception area of the Bluetooth receiver
  • Capacity booster via MDRC amplifier 8208

Wireless operation

The solutions for installation from Busch-Jaeger are first choice also in the audio sector, due to functionality and a high degree of quality. A safe, and preferably wireless, operation of small audio devices is especially important at home and in hotels. They remain fixed in the wall, where they are, and function permanently.

Multifunction rocker

The elegant central control element of the Bluetooth-Receiver provides for convenient and intuitive selection of all desired functions.