WaveLINE remote control and wall-mounted transmitter pure stainless steel

Universal radio-controlled remote control

WaveLINE remote control and wall-mounted transmitter

Living wants freedom

  • Place the wall-mounted transmitters where they are needed at any time
  • Without the mess of yet another installation or annoying cable laying
  • Convenient control of blinds from any location
  • The radio-controlled remote control makes living a little more pleasant
  • Advantages of convenience in everyday life with radio-controlled remote control 

Greater comfort: remote control with the manual transmitter.

A special feature of the WaveLINE system is that the switching flexibility is increased with radio wall-mounted transmitters and that one has a radio switch where it is regularly needed. Of course, also the classical manual transmitter has its place in the WaveLINE system - with group selection keys for all the important applications. Switching, dimming, controlling the blinds or calling up scenes: With the elegant transmitter you have everything under control. Wherever you are.

Freedom without the effort

Radio control comfort easily retrofitted. The radio remote control is very easy to install without any additional masonry work and no separate cable is needed. You simply replace the old switch with a switch combination that is glued on. From here, the data is sent to a separately mounted actuator.

Independence through wireless control

The intelligent way of switching: on the one hand, several functions are bundled in one frame, on the other hand the switch can be mounted anywhere without a flush-mounted box. For switching the outdoor lights - directly outside or conveniently from the inside. Electrically powered devices such as pond pumps or gates can also be remote-controlled upon request. Also the perfect solution for Christmas lighting.

WaveLINE Application

Increased security and maximum convenience with the wireless remote control: the Busch WaveLINE window sensor provides surveillance and control. Are the windows closed? Is the light out? A glance at the WaveLINE LED display and a central press of a button on the
remote control or wall switch is all it takes to switch or dim a light, control entire lighting scenarios or operate blinds and more. The wireless wall switches can be placed anywhere. Unobtrusive radio transmitters on windows and doors help control the situation. You transfer the data wirelessly, so no cable disturbs the ambience. Busch WaveLINE brings a new-found freedom into your home.