The ideal location for charging.

  • For charging larger devices the USB power supply unit is used 
  • With the USB power supply you can charge up to two smartphones, digital cameras or similar devices with rechargeable batteries.
  • With the charger, mobile phones find their ideal place to charge.
  • A fixed location for comfort. No more searching necessary.
  • USB charging cables are included in the scope of delivery of the end devices depending on the device.
  • Compatible with all Busch-Jaeger switch designs(TAE cover)

USB power adapter insert with more power

The USB power adapter insert enables simultaneous charging of two end devices via USB cable with 3 A charging capacity. The system distributes the power between the two Type A sockets. If you only charge one device, the entire power is available and the charging process is significantly shorter.

Charging will become even more convenient

With the USB power supply, suitable smartphones, tablets, cameras or MP3 players can be charged everywhere in the house at a fixed location. The search for USB charging stations each with their own power adapters and electric cables is now a thing of the past. And it can be used to charge up to two devices with batteries.

Different versions

The USB power supply unit is available with a double USB-A connection as well as a combination of USB-A and USB-C connection.