Busch-Blind control II pure stainless steel

Design program pure stainless steel

Busch-Blind control II

  • Blind control individually programmable for each day
  • This blinds control is a modular system that leads to maximum living comfort with the various control elements
  • Depending on the flush-mounted insert, there is a choice of different operating elements (see below) 

Standard control element.

The standard control element allows the blind or roller blind to be moved in the two different directions of travel via a rocker. Optionally this control element can, depending on the flush-mounted insert, be replaced either with the standard timer control element or the comfort timer or IR control element.

Blind compact timer control element.

More convenience is now available at an unbeatable price - with the Blind-Compact timer. Your blinds or roller shutters open and close automatically at individually defined times. Conveniently with no manual operation needed. And you will also feel secure during your vacation with the corresponding presence simulation.

Standard timer control element.

With the standard timer control element, your blind control can be opened and closed manually or it can be time-controlled. The up and down times per day can be comfortably programmed via the illuminated high-resolution display. In addition, the Busch-Timer® has a vacation function that varies the movement times at random. Optionally, the standard control element can be replaced with this control element.

Comfort timer control element.

The comfort timer control element offers all the functions of the standard timer element. A total of three up-times and three down-times per day can be programmed in the blind control system. Here as well, you can program and operate the unit via the illuminated high-resolution display. Roller shutters, blinds as well as awnings can be controlled by sun and glass breakage sensors via the corresponding flush-mounted insert. The integrated temperature sensor can be used to prevent a room from heating up by moving the blinds as soon as the preset room temperature has been exceeded. In addition, astrological and fixed time commands can be mixed to switch outdoor lighting, for example. In combination with dimmers, lighting control regulated based on the time is also an option. Optionally the standard or IR control element can be replaced with this control element.

IR control element.

The IR control element for the blind control unit enables local operation like a mechanical control element, as well as convenient control via the infrared remote control. In addition to electrical motors, the remote control can also operate lighting and other elements. Roller shutters and blinds can also be controlled with the sun and glass-break sensor via the corresponding flush-mounted insert. Optionally the comfort timer control element can be replaced with this control element. Additional information about the Busch-Remote Control