Busch-Presence detectors, DALI Presence detector

Presence detectors

Busch-Presence detectors, DALI

Overview of colours

Saving energy made easy

  • Parameterizable and operable via smart app via Bluetooth
  • DALI slave for direct connection to the DALI bus
  • Soft ON/OFF function activation
  • With additional switching output for the activation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation or for switching additional loads (e.g. panel light)
  • Additional switching output also configurable for the complete deactivation of the DALI operating devices
  • Supplies the required current for an additional 45 DALI operating devices and controllers
  • With ambient lighting function, start and end time parameterizable
  • With selectable warm-up function for fluorescent lamps
  • With 2-step automatic switch-off (according to EnEV / EN 15232)
  • With time dependent night light function

Modern light management

Presence detectors automatically detect the presence of someone inside the room. Their precision is far superior to that of conventional movement detectors. Not only lighting systems but heating systems and air-conditioning systems can be controlled intelligently and efficiently with presence detectors. Empty rooms in which the lights are on and the air-conditioning runs at full power are now history.

Reduced energy consumption

Lighting control is frequently accredited with a high level of potential savings for electrical energy. Not only the cost of electricity is reduced, but lamps are conserved and the investment pays for itself within just a few years

Busch-Präsenzmelder Universal BT, DALI 12 Meter

With a range of uo to 12 metres teh Busch-Presence detector DALI is the most efficient co-worker for light and climate control. The direct DALI connection uses its data for an extremely sensitive control. Its modern design adapts itself to all interior designs. The sensors detect even the smallest movement, which means that even seated persons always experience the best possible lighting atmosphere. With its two channels it can even independently switch two light rows. And as a pure detector with integrated monitoring function it unobtrusively cares for safety.

Busch-Präsenzmelder Corridor BT, DALI 30 Meter

Saving energy is one of the most important topics in the functional buildings sector. Since a lot of money can be saved especially in the use of light, the optimization of light management is in great demand. And it is precisely for this purpose that the Busch-Presence detectors Corridor DALI have been designed. A large detection range even in long, narrow corridors makes the presence detectors particularly interesting for commercial and administrative buildings, schools, retirement homes, hospitals and hotels. The main difference to conventional presence detectors lies in the detection area, which is rectangular and not circular in both versions. That is why the detection is optimally adapted to long corridors.

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