Busch-Watchdog 90 KNX ProfessionalLINE Movement detector

Design program Movement detector

Busch-Watchdog 90 KNX ProfessionalLINE

Overview of colours

Full concentration on the essentials

  • High-quality, intelligent technology gives safety a new dimension 
  • Nothing escapes Busch-Jaeger's intelligent movement detectors
  • The motion detectors with the high-quality detection system guarantee seamless monitoring in every area
  • Universal due to 3-axis adjustment possibility

Sure is sure

The Busch-Watchdog not only looks good. It also impresses with its inner quality. High-quality, intelligent technology adds a new dimension to safety. And it gives one a feeling of safety, inside and out. The intelligent Busch-Jaeger movement detectors miss nothing. They respond instantly when needed. They detect immediately when a light is to be switched on or off, and they are a reliable signpost in the dark. These high-quality detection systems guarantee uninterrupted surveillance in all areas. They ensure that your sleep is peaceful, chase away thieves and switch the light on and off when you are on holiday.

This all-rounder is far-sighted

Sit back and relax with the Busch-Watchdog 220 ProfessionalLINE. Because this all-rounder is alert. State-of-the-art infrared technology, a large-scale professional lens and numerous safety and comfort functions make it the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. Flexibility is guaranteed: This proven model opens new perspectives. This gives you more leeway to respond to individual wishes and special spatial requirements. This is because the variable joint with the 3-axis adjustment option ensures quick and easy installation without the need for a corner adapter for ceiling mounting.

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