Busch-Watchdog 70/110 MasterLINE Movement detector

Motion detectors for townhouses

Busch-Watchdog 70/110 MasterLINE

Overview of colours

Ideal for terraced houses

  • They switch on the light when a person enters the detection area
  • Modern design
  • Motion detector especially for terraced houses
  • Reduced detection range
  • High-quality switching relay
  • Remote operation and remote parameterisation (only Busch-Watchdog 110 MasterLINE)
  • Automatic light
  • Presence simulation - The lighting switches on automatically in the evening and switches off again in the morning. This is how the house looks inhabited even when you are away.
  • Detection range: frontal 12 m, lateral 4 m

Easy and fast to install

The movement detector can be easily positioned onto the wall connection box by latching it. And it can be protected against dismantling by means of an additional screw connection. The universal cable feed options make the devices suitable for all types of installations. The cable connections are made only after the bottom part of the device has been mounted.

The colour to match the facade

Both models are available in modern colours - white, brown, anthracite and silver metallic. For harmonious interaction with every architectural style.

Easy to adjust

The transmission range of the Busch-Watchdog 70 / 110 MasterLINE is 12 m to the front and 4 m to each side. Important functions of the Busch-Watchdog 110 MasterLINE, such as continuous light On, continuous Off, presence simulation, saving of brightness switching threshold, are easy and especially comfortable to operate with the IR remote control. The functions of both models can be set directly on the device. The practical status display on the device informs you, for example, about the continuous Off status of the Busch-Watchdog. The LED is located behind the lens and can also be easily seen from a distance. Useful: switch-off delay and brightness switching threshold can be adjusted separately.

The beauty of safety

The Busch-Watchdog not only looks good. It also impresses with its inner quality. High-quality, intelligent technology adds a new dimension to safety. And it gives one a feeling of safety, inside and out. The intelligent Busch-Jaeger movement detectors miss nothing. They respond instantly when needed. They detect immediately when a light is to be switched on or off, and they are a reliable signpost in the dark. These high-quality detection systems guarantee uninterrupted surveillance in all areas. They ensure that your sleep is peaceful, chase away thieves and switch the light on and off when you are on holiday.

Easy control of all functions

With the practical IR remote control, you have safety and comfort reliably under control. Settings can be made conveniently without the need for a conductor or an electrician. These include brightness switching threshold, presence simulation or continuous light on/off. This function only works with the Busch-Watchdog 110 MasterLINE.

Additional functions of the Busch-Watchdog 110 MasterLINE

  • Remote operation
  • Important functions such as continuous light on, continuous light off, presence simulation or storing the brightness switching threshold can be deactivated/activated without any adjusting on the device via the IR remote control.
  • Energy savings: the time for the forced switch-off depends on the set switch-off delay; however, it is limited to a maximum of 90 minutes.
  • Switch-off delay and brightness switching threshold can be adjusted separately
  • All loads can be connected, maximum 2,300 W/VA (10 AX)