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Technology that reassures

  • High-quality, intelligent technology gives safety a new dimension
  • Provides a secure feeling inside and out 
  • Nothing escapes Busch-Jaeger's intelligent movement detectors
  • The movement detectors recognize exactly when light must be switched on or off
  • Reliable signpost in the dark
  • These high-quality recording systems guarantee a complete monitoring in every area

Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE

The practical IR remote control included in the scope of delivery makes security even more convenient. You use it to control functions such as continuous light on/off or early return from continuous light to the operation mode that was active previously. The motion detector can be used to activate or deactivate presence simulation and store the current brightness value as the brightness threshold value. Functions such as twilight setting, switch-off delay and short-time pulse for activating the stairwell timer switches are activated on the device itself. 

Busch-Watchdog 280 MasterLINE

With the Busch-Watchdog 280 MasterLINE and a corner adapter, even two sides of the house can be detected. In addition, the movement detector has a detection angle of 280°. 

  • Detection range 280°, 16 m towards all sides
  • Detection on two sides of the house with the aid of the corner adaptor

Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE premium

In addition to the functions of the Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE, this movement detector offers additional convenient options for special requirements. With the Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE premium the second switching output can be used as a twilight switch independent of movement. Thus the front door or ambience illumination is switched on at twilight and off again in the morning when there is sufficient brightness according to the times of sunrise or sunset. Even non-typical twilight, which is caused by seasonally bad weather, is automatically taken into consideration.

  • Second detection level 1 m to all sides
  • Additional, floating switch contact
  • Integrated twilight switch
  • 2-zone operation

Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE select

The small disc-type surveillance zone makes the Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE especially attractive for applications in the commercial sector. The detection range is 220° and the coverage 16 m to all sides. At an appropriate mounting height it additionally offers an area two meters in height in which no detection is carried out. However, if a person approaches, the movement detector reacts immediately. 

  • With one detection level
  • Detection with animal access
  • No ground and rear-field detection

Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE KNX

The KNX Field Bus based Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE KNX can be ideally integrated into the KNX system of your house to handle surveillance tasks. With the intelligent KNX networking function also light, blinds, heating and many other areas of modern building automation can be operated, monitored and connected.

  • Two movement channels for evening / night
  • KNX-based movement detector
  • Up to three switching thresholds during twilight
  • Precise detection during frontal approach

Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE KNX premium

Aside from the extensive equipment of the Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE KNX, this movement detector offers some additional
interesting functions. With an innovative field bus based KNX technology, it offers even more convenience with four movement channels. 

  • Four movement channels
  • KNX-based
  • Twilight and brightness switch
  • Ten logic functions
  • Temperature sensor with up to three switching thresholds
  • Remote operation

Busch-Watchdog 220 WaveLINE

This model was designed especially for living concepts and additionally offers the technology of the Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE. Since the movement detector operates wirelessly using radio signals, the sensor and actuator functions are distributed to two devices. The sensor can be mounted in any location - preferably where it has the best overview. Several Busch-Watchdog 220 WaveLINE can be assigned to a single actuator. This allows angled and hilly areas to be completely monitored. The device operates without cables.

  • For properties without a clear overview
  • Cableless retrofitting
  • Wireless transmitter for ideal positioning in the detection range
  • Detection and status indication
  • Battery operated for cable independent mounting

Visually simply perfect

To set them into the scene in an optically high-class manner is no easy task. That is why we are glad to have had a world-class expert on our side for the design of the exclusive Busch-Watchdog: Hadi Teherani. The world-renowned architect has turned these pioneering motion detectors into incomparable works of art. And he has impressively demonstrated that sophisticated technology and exciting design can live in perfect harmony.

Easy and fast to install

The movement detector can be easily positioned onto the wall connection box by latching it. And it can be protected against dismantling by means of an additional screw connection. The universal cable feed options make the devices suitable for all types of installations. The cable connections are made only after the bottom part of the device has been mounted.

Mounting possibilities

01 Wall mounting. The classic installation. The Busch-Watchdog movement detectors can be easily and quickly installed. In the classical position on the wall, for example. One of the most frequent installation options.

02 Wall mounting with gradient. Each task is carried out with consummate ease. Busch-Watchdogs are multitalented. Even in complicated installation situations, such as in a building on a hill or with a gradient, the movement detector with the corner adaptor can be installed and adjusted in such a way that it offers the most optimum possibility for detection.

03 Ceiling mounting. All good things come from above. If the Busch-Watchdog is to be installed on the ceiling, there are two versions. From the bottom for a wide detection range. Or with a corner adapter, to be able to position the device correctly.

04 Corner mounting. A Busch-Watchdog accepts all challenges. Thanks to a detection range of up to 280°, even the most difficult surveillance tasks are child's play. In combination with a special corner adapter it is installed on corners of buildings easily and quickly without any difficulty.

Easy control of all functions

With the practical IR remote control, you have safety and comfort reliably under control. Settings can be made conveniently without the need for a conductor or an electrician. These include brightness switching threshold, presence simulation or continuous light on/off.

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