Protection against overvoltage damage

  • Protects electronic equipment from overvoltages
  • With the overvoltage protection socket there is no trouble with recoveries
  • No need to do without devices (e.g. TV or PC)
  • Do not wait for insurance money for replacement, if insurance cover is available at all
  • Save costs and nerves

Safer than insurance.

If you store important data on your computer, you need to switch to the modern Busch-Protector®. It protects against overvoltage damage, which often also occurs during indirect lightning strikes. All socket outlets with overvoltage protection are available in the desired switch ranges and can be easily replaced. 

No dangerous voltage, no compromises.

Overvoltages can quickly occur even when the thunderstorm is far away. TV, video and Hi-Fi systems or the PC react very sensitively to voltage peaks in the mains network, to indirect lightning strokes or faults in the network. The Busch-Protector® offers protection in three stages for different types of networks.