Current is useful, but also very hazardous.

  • Colloquially called "Socket outlet shuttered"
  • The shuttered socket outlet offers more safety for children by protecting them from the dangers of electricity
  • Locking only opens when both openings are pressed at the same time
  • Familiar comfortable operation
  • Retrofitted "teddys" are deceptive and do not comply with VDE regulations
  • The shuttered feature is firmly connected to the socket outlet and cannot be removed negligently
  • Safety through protection against accidental contact
  • Maximum protection without non-approved caps
  • Holistic switch design without annoying attachments

VDE Test mark

The SCHUKO® shuttered socket outlet  offers greater protection for children against the dangers of electric shock. In contrast to inserts that are fitted later, it has the product guarantee of the VDE mark of conformity. The shuttered socket outlet is easy to use and the design is unimpaired.

Automatic interlocking

Protective caps for socket outlets, so-called "teddys", do not guarantee safety and do not comply with any socket approved in accordance with VDE. The integrated solution is better. Here you insert the power plug without the hassle of having to turn anything, and the two openings are unlocked only when simultaneous pressure is applied.

Safety in every situation

Children are fascinated by everything. Unfortunately, this also includes anything that is energized. So it's better to think about safety in every situation, and for every age group. Protecting little explorers is the SCHUKO® shuttered socket outlet,. which prevents them from inserting objects into the openings.