Proximity switch future® linear

Design program future® linear

Proximity switch

Switching without touching

  • Switching without touching
  • Hygienic and comfortable
  • Active infrared technology
  • For the flush-mounted box

Hygienic and comfortable

Gesture control is a known feature of gaming consoles. With an innovative active infrared technology Busch-Jaeger is the first manufacturer in Germany to implement gesture control in switches to eliminate the need for touch control. Its use in daily life is truly amazing. Especially in sensitive areas - when it is better not to touch light switches. In hospitals, laboratories, during food production or in the catering industry the proximity switch makes a valuable contribution to hygiene. However, comfort also proves itself as extremely useful in private living environment. The function of the proximity switch is amazingly simple.

Switching without touching

The hand approaches to within five centimetres of the surface. The sensor detects the movement. The switching function is triggered by the associated flush-mounted insert. Detection is made possible by the active infrared technology.