Window sensor

WaveLINE window sensor

All windows at a glance

  • Everything is under control with the window detectors
  • Without effort and without changing the original window handles
  • The window detector reliably detects the positions of the handle
  • The colours of the window detectors, studio white matt, basalt black and stainless steel, adapt to common materials.
  • WaveLINE window sensor: mounted between window and original window handles
  • WaveLINE universal detector: for roof windows or sliding doors

Safety in a trice

Perfect overview. Security technology must respond not merely respond when a persons tries to gain access. The protection of a house begins much earlier. With the control of the windows, for example. Because open windows are an invitation to uninvited guests. But also rain and storm can cause severe damage. With this message system one has all windows under control simultaneously. The Busch-Jaeger WaveLINE window sensors are quite simply mounted wirelessly between the handle and frame. And they immediately start their reliable service. They are available in black, white and stainless look to match all conventional window frames and window handles. The special advantage of the system: The existing handle can continue to be used.

Intelligent surveillance

The sensors of this intelligent system do not determine whether the window touches the frame. Rather, they check that the handle is in the correct position and that the window or patio door is locked. The colours of the WaveLINE LED display indicate whether the window is open (red), tilted (yellow) or closed (green).

Universal detector

The use of the universal detector is recommended wherever the WaveLINE window sensor cannot be installed for mechanical reasons. This allows roof windows to be monitored and lengthy tours of inspection are unnecessary when leaving the house. The universal window sensor has been specially developed for installation in places that are difficult to access mechanically. The interlocking of the door or window can be indicated with the bolt switch contact, which is available separately. Useful areas of application include cellar doors or side entrances to garages and sheds. 

WaveLINE LED display

The WaveLINE LED display is the control element of the WaveLINE window sensor. It receives the information via radio control whether the handle is in its correct position to ensure that the window or the terrace door is locked. It displays the result with various coloured LEDs. To WaveLINE LED display