Busch CO2 indoor air sensor future® linear

CO₂ Detector

Busch CO2 indoor air sensor

Clarity for everyone. With exact CO₂ values

  • CO₂-  and humidity sensor with display
  • Additional display of the temperature and air pressure
  • Activation for window opener or fan (two stages)
  • Adjustable follow-up time of the CO₂ detector
  • Selection of automatic or manual operation

Innovative CO₂ alarm unit

All buildings of today, whether private or public, must fulfil higher energy efficiency standards. The German Energy Saving Ordinance, for example, requires the insulation of windows, roofs, and walls, leading to very low air exchange values. The advantage of saving energy turns into a disadvantage: The CO₂-concentration in the rooms rises – and also the humidity. The air is merely circulated and no fresh air is fed in. Busch-Jaeger has developed an innovative CO₂ alarm unit for this purpose. A logically arranged display shows the actual status of the air, CO₂ content, humidity, air pressure and temperature in plain text. 

Control indoor air quality

 Threshold values can also be entered and transmitted. The windows and ventilation are automatically controlled using relays. If the threshold values are exceeded, the CO₂ alarm unit display turns red. The indoor air quality is under control. Optimising this function is a basic need during the planning of real estate.