• The WaveLINE LED display is the control element of the window detectors
  • The LED display for window detectors receives information by radio as to whether the window or patio door is locked
  • Comfortable window control
  • Can also be used as light switch
  • Simply replace existing light switches

Perfect overview

All windows and doors at a glance. This is because the window detector controls the position - open, tilted or closed - through the handles of windows and doors. Very handy solution when you leave the house. Because open windows are an open invitation to uninvited guests. Yet storms can also cause enormous damage. With this message system one has all windows under control simultaneously.

Easy to retrofit

Existing light switches or dimmers can easily be replaced at a later date with the LED display for window sensors. Without the use of cables, since the system is radio-controlled. The actual function of the switch remains the same, as the light can still be switched or dimmed via the rocker.

Always clearly informed

The LED display for window sensors is divided into four sections, each of which controls up to eight windows. When installed in the entry area it monitors the various floors of the house. For example, if the LED display for the first floor lights up red, this means that at least one window on the floor is open. On the floor itself a further WaveLINE LED display controls the individual rooms. In this way the residents are reliably informed when leaving the house whether any windows in the house are open, tilted or whether they are all closed. The configuration of the LED display makes it possible, for example, to reliably indicate that the bathroom window is only tilted for ventilation and not fully open.
To the WaveLINE window sensor
To the WaveLINE universal sensor

Labelling tool

 Precisely identify the LED display for window sensors using the practical tool for your individual designation. Easy and visually attractive for numerous products. More