The ideal protection against life-threatening body currents.

  • Highest protection against moisture directly on site
  • The residual current circuit breaker protects against dangerous body currents
  • Increased protection against accidental contact 
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Simple retrofitting, as flush-mounted or surface-mounted variant
  • Operational safety, because only the socket and not the circuit is without voltage after tripping
  • With integrated increased touch protection according to VDE 0664
  • Equipment regulation DIN VDE 0100

Voltage protection

Moisture and wet conditions can quickly appear in the kitchen, cellar or bathroom. The FI circuit breaker in the FI-Schukomat prevents currents from reaching the body with the highest possible reaction speed.

On-site protection

Life-threatening body currents can arise, for example, due to damaged cables, moisture or defective devices. When necessary, the earth leakage circuit breaker isolates the voltage in the socket outlet instantly and reliably. Electricity in the house is not interrupted in the process. The lights and the freezer stay on.