Busch-Dimmer® with IR carat®

Remote controlled dimmer

Busch-Dimmer® with IR

Dimming light to perfection

  • The Busch-Dimmer® with IR is remote controllable via the infrared remote control 
  • As usual, the lighting can be switched on/off and dimmed manually 
  • Switching on can occur optionally with the last dimming value (memory effect) or by softly raising it to this value (soft ON).
  • Further integration of light, blinds and electrical devices such as screens, beamers, etc. 

Infrared remote control

The remote-controlled dimmer can be used to control several Busch-Dimmers®. In this way several lamps can be dimmed with only a single remote control. Yet, the flexibility of the Busch-Jaeger remote control offers even more. Individually set light scenes can be called up with a press of a button, such as lighting suitable for a relaxing evening with the home cinema. Additional information on the implementation can be found here.

Room remote control

The integration in a remote room control for light, blinds and other electric loads such as screen, slide projector, etc., sets new standards and shows each personal style in the right light.