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Busch-Welcome® modules

Overview of colours

Three modules: for viewing, talking and understanding

  • Busch-Welcome® status module
  • Busch-Welcome® information module
  • Busch-Welcome® dummy module

Busch-Welcome® status module

New standards for constructional systems assist hearing-impaired persons. This door communication module meets the new standards for visual operation.

The current DIN Standards 18040-1 and -2 create new conditions: Structural systems without barriers must meet technical requirements also for door opening and intercom systems. The new constructional component is integrated into an outdoor station, a letter box system or the side panel of the door and, by means of icons backlit in blue or red, signals a visitor with impaired hearing when he or she is requested to speak, when the door is opened, when the bell is ringing, and also when no one is available.

Busch-Welcome® information module

Modern outdoor stations require areas for information such as the house number or opening hours. Illuminated and well-shaped.

All too often entrances to commercial facilities are designed inharmoniously.  Many different styles alongside each other are unfavourable for all companies in the building. A good calling card, on the other hand, is the ABB-Welcome information module. The building number and company information such as opening hours are presented in an elegant and clearly readable manner. The uniform topography in black on grey adapts itself subtly to every style of architecture. Also at night everything is easy to read thanks to the LED background illumination. Everyone appreciates when electricians work neatly. Here, even their work appears in the best light.

Busch-Welcome® dummy module

Access control devices of other manufacturers can be easily and even invisibly integrated into the ABB-Welcome module. Openness and flexibility create the best system.

At times, obtaining everything from a single source is not always possible. ABB-Welcome also offers the option of integrating third-party applications into the outdoor module, without interfering with the attractive uniform design. You are thus open to future extensions, as well, without having to make compromises with regard to the design. The blind cover has an attractive form, appearing to the observer as a design element. Details are important, and every electrician is aware of this

More comfort due to new expansion modules

The status module is designed as an auxiliary module, which means that it can be installed in an outdoor station at any position. 


Perfect integration

The 2-wire bus makes the integration of the Busch-Welcome® door communication in letter boxes, bell panels and door sides very easy. The basic audio module with microphone and loudspeaker or the access control module can be easily combined with a camera and button extension with up to 99 buttons.

Mobile Communication - Busch-Welcome® App

Install the door communication of your Busch-Welcome® system on your iOS or Android device! Never miss another door call. With the Busch-Welcome® App, all calls from your door station are transferred directly to your smartphone or tablet.

The Busch-Welcome® Configurator

Modern door communication - modern planning. The online tool offers both detailed planning with individual output of an external wiring diagram, overview of the connection plan and an illustrated parts list, as well as a quick plan for electrical wholesalers - and you don't need to install any software.

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