Busch-Welcome® fingerprint module Busch-Welcome®


Busch-Welcome® fingerprint module

Overview of colours

Enter the house without a key

  • determines right of access by scanning the fingerprint
  • up to 64 different users
  •  Additional devices are not required for commissioning
  • protection type IP 44

Versions customized to customer requirements

The Busch-Welcome® outdoor station with fingerprint module can be ordered as a standard single module or integrated in the outdoor station.
The access control modules from Busch-Welcome® can be integrated into all existing versions of the outdoor station upon request by the customer. For example, upon request by the customer the 8gang outdoor video station with fingerprint module can be used for the specific opening of the front door. It can also be installed in the Busch-Welcome® outdoor audio station.


Perfect integration

The 2-wire bus makes the integration of the Busch-Welcome® door communication in letter boxes, bell panels and door sides very easy. The basic audio module with microphone and loudspeaker or the access control module can be easily combined with a camera and button extension with up to 99 buttons.

Mobile Communication - Busch-Welcome® App

Install the door communication of your Busch-Welcome® system on your iOS or Android device! Never miss another door call. With the Busch-Welcome® App, all calls from your door station are transferred directly to your smartphone or tablet.

The Busch-Welcome® Configurator

Modern door communication - modern planning. The online tool offers both detailed planning with individual output of an external wiring diagram, overview of the connection plan and an illustrated parts list, as well as a quick plan for electrical wholesalers - and you don't need to install any software.

3D Live View App

The new Augmented Reality App allows you to view the Busch-Jaeger portfolio live in 3D in your own home. 

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