Guard unit Busch-Welcome® IP

ABB-Welcome IP

Guard unit

Overview of colours


  • Convenient operator functions
  • Security through the latest encryption methods
  • scalable for different building sizes

Intuitivity of the concierge station

The concierge station from ABB-Welcome® IP offers besides the comfortable switching function useful features such as holding call participants via MusicOn-Hold, a text information service for connected participants, or sending or receiving emergency calls within the system.

Focus on security

ABB-Welcome IP works with the latest encryption methods for video and audio communication. Thanks to strict IT security requirements from Busch-Jaeger, the customer is promised the best possible protection for both internal communication of encrypted text messages and external communication to the myBUSCH-JAEGER cloud service. With the online update function via myBUSCH-JAEGER, future security updates can also be carried out in order to stay up to date at all times.

Plannable and future-proof

Technology. Thanks to the structured cabling based on IP, the use of ABB-Welcome IP can be planned and is future-proof.