Weather Station Busch-free@home® flex

Design program Busch-free@home® flex

Weather Station

Overview of colours

  • For recording and transmitting brightness, temperature, wind speed and rain
  • Weather data can be linked to actuators to automatically control functions
  • Weather data can be visualized in the free@home web interface and the free@home app

Storms won't be interesting anymore

Our weather station records temperature, wind speed and rain. As soon as there is a storm, blinds are raised automatically. Crushed slats or broken window panes are now a thing of the past. If a roof window is open, the system can send a message to the user's smartphone or tablet.

One thing is certain: The weather is never exactly predictable

The weather station reacts directly. It records brightness, temperature, wind speed and rain. Weather data is sent immediately and linked to actuators to control functions automatically. All important data are clearly displayed in the free@home App.

Always the right shading

If it is getting warm in summer, the weather station can initiate a sun level controlled shading of the living room with blinds. For example, in the morning all blinds on the east side, at midday the south side and in the afternoon the west side move into a defined sun protection position. Depending on the weather conditions, various functions such as heating and blinds are controlled automatically. For example, the system ensures that blinds and awnings retract when the wind blows. All weather data can be called up on the Smart Home Panel, Smartphone or Tablet.

Busch-free@home® APP next

You can control Busch-free@home®, Busch-free@home® Wireless, and Busch-free@home® flex in a single app. New is the overview of status messages and upcoming system actions, weather data via Internet or weather station, as well as sorting by rooms or trades. You can also configure your system via an app.

ABB-free@home® multi-apartment weather station

More and more apartment houses are being equipped with blinds and awnings that need to be protected in all weathers. The new USB interface makes it possible to install one or more weather stations via the USB input of the System Access Point. The measured values become visible and usable for all Busch-free@home® systems in all the apartments.