• With the room temperature controller with actual value display, you can conveniently set the desired temperature using the rotary knob
  • The viewing window always shows you the current temperature of the room
  • Combined with a timer, the room temperature can be regulated automatically.
  • The room temperature controller with actual value display ensures personal comfort temperature
  • The temperature is automatically lowered during the day or at night.

Energy-efficiency throughout the day

The room temperature controller with actual value display can be set depending on the actual time-of-use. In the morning and evening, the space is heated to the desired temperature. By lowering the temperature during the day and night, you save on expensive heating costs.

Energy savings

Heating to suit requirements is the key to saving energy. The rule of thumb is impressive: One degree less means about six percent energy savings. Great potential when one thinks about the different heating requirements at different times of day. For example, less heat is usually needed at night or when away.

Model selection

The Busch-Jaeger room temperature controllers with actual value display are available in different versions. One additional function, for example, is the night-time temperature reduction including control lamp.