Light as desired with a press of the button.

  • Conveniently dose light  with the touch dimmer
  • Any number of extension units
  • Maximum rocker size
  • Comfortable operation
  • Suitable for LEDs and conventional light sources such as incandescent lamps, 230 V halogen lamps, 230 V halogen energy-saving lamps or low-voltage halogen lamps
  • Due to its shape, the touch dimmer works harmoniously in combination with other switches
  • Light switches can easily replaced with the touch-dimmer 

Future-oriented. Busch-Dimmer® units for LEDs.

Philips retrofit LEDs are recommended for Busch touch-dimmers. They produce the same results as incandescent lamps. The cooperation between Busch-Jaeger and Philips - the world market leader for lighting - also guarantees safe and optimum function for future LED solutions.

Retrofitting comfort.

Standard light switches can easily be replaced with touch-dimmers which can even be retrofitted with an infrared/radio remote control.

Always in close proximity. Indoors and outdoors.

Lamps can be controlled from various locations. Because they are easily equipped with additional operating points. It saves unnecessary movement and increases comfort. In the case of touch-dimmers, almost any number of extensions can be set up, which is ideal for rooms with many doors because a rotary dimmer can be installed at each entrance.