The best entertainment at home

  • Good sound, almost from the socket outlet
  • The flush-mounted radio is ideal for anyone who needs a radio in the kitchen or bathroom without tangled cables 
  • Equipped as standard with time display and alarm function
  • The flush-mounted radio can even play MP3 or CDs via a separate audio input
  • Additional speakers can be installed
  • Good for the comfort value of your apartments

Busch-Radio iNet

Always your favourite station. Digital and limitless. From home or the other side of the globe. Easy via WLAN with
the Busch iNet radio. With perfect high-quality sound, without hissing and interference. Including comfortable additional functions such as alarm clock and automatic activation and deactivation.

  • Exclusive reception via WLAN
  • Radio station selection via
  • Control via smartphone and tablet possible

Busch-Radio BTconnect

The utmost in comfort. Listening to regional radio programs in the highest quality. And streaming one's own music from the smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth according to one's mood and fancy. The Busch-Radio BTconnect makes it possible.

  • Bluetooth streaming from your smartphone
  • Favourites are switched through directly
  • RDS station identification
  • Radio text
  • Automatic time setting via RDS signal
  • The device connected last is automatically coupled when entering the receiving area of the Bluetooth receiver
  • Use of internal or external antenna
  • automatic switchover between antenna inputs


Enjoying comfort every day. Relaxing in the bathroom with pleasant music or listening to the latest news in the office. Blissfully with the Busch DigitalRadio. Installed space-saving in a flush-mounted box it unobtrusively cares for the right atmosphere in any location. And, of course, with the best quality of sound.

  • RDS station identification
  • Automatic time setting via RDS signal
  • Mono or stereo operation
  • Use of internal or external antenna
  • Radio and loudspeakers can be placed in combination or separately

Multifunction rocker

The elegant central control element of the Busch-DigitalRadio provides for convenient and intuitive selection of all desired functions. to the movement/presence detectors

Illuminated display

The selected functions and settings are clearly displayed on the illuminated 1.5" display (3.8 cm).

Options for extension

The Busch-DigitalRadio can be conveniently expanded with other Busch-Jaeger products according to your wishes. You can add the Busch-AudioWorld® built-in loudspeaker for flush-mounted radios or the Busch-iDock Station, for example.

Extension unit input

The Busch-DigitalRadio can be connected to a light switch or movement detector via an extension input. It can then be activated or deactivated automatically.