Room temperature controller with timer Busch-balance® SI

Design program Busch-balance® SI

Room temperature controller with timer

  • With the room temperature controller with timer, the heating works individually - completely according to your specifications
  • Integrated automatic summer/winter time changeover
  • Suitable for underfloor heating 
  • With the room thermostat with timer, up to four switching times per day can be freely set for each weekday

Heating to suit specific requirements

Heating to suit requirements is the key to saving energy. The rule of thumb is impressive: One degree less means about six percent energy savings. Great potential when one thinks about the different heating requirements at different times of day. For example, less heat is usually needed at night or when away. And there are also differences from room to room: Some prefer the bedroom to be comfortably cool with a warm bath in the morning for living comfort.

Room temperature controller for underfloor heating

Also available is a special room temperature controller with timer for floor heating, which cares for the pleasant room temperature desired via a remote sensor and thermal recirculation.