New generation BTconnect DAB+

  • DAB+ and FM reception
  • Music streaming from the mobile device to the flush-mounted radio and the connected built-in speakers
  • Pairing the radio with mobile Bluetooth speakers to play the radio station
  • Best sound quality, without interference
  • High-resolution colour display for displaying included additional services such as e. g. title display
  • Sleep/wake-up function
  • Stereo/monoum
  • Extention unit input for remote-controlled ON/OFF switching
  • Line-out output (AUX) for connection to external amplifiers
  • Plug-in terminals for connecting two loudspeakers

Switch on and try it out!

It’s a matter of taste

The utmost in comfort. Listening to regional radio programs in the highest quality. And streaming one’s own music from the smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth according to one’s mood and fancy. The Busch-Radio BTconnect makes it possible.

Bluetooth connection

The Busch-Radio BTconnect combines an FM radio and a Bluetooth receiver in a single flush-mounted box. You can play your music collection from Bluetooth-capable smartphones, tablets or laptops at all times in their full splendour via the radio.

Access to your music library

The Bluetooth interface makes it possible to stream all music content from the mobile device to the flush-mounted device. The connected built-in speakers are used for playback and thus do not get in anyone's way. On the other hand, it is possible to transmit the radio sound to paired Bluetooth speakers.


The DAB+ radio offers many advantages. It works independently of the Internet, stations are selected without frequency searching and reception is interference-free - noise is a thing of the past.

High-resolution colour display

The selected functions, settings and additional information are clearly displayed on the high-resolution colour display.

Options for extension

Suitable for the installation Busch-Jaeger offers the appropriate built-in loudspeakers for the switch series or for installation in the ceiling. There is also a suitable solution for the installation over corner.

Multifunction rocker

The elegant central control element of the Busch-DigitalRadio provides for convenient and intuitive selection of all desired functions.