• Socket outlet with orientation light
  • Light cones in the dark provide orientation
  • Ideal for hospitals
  • No installation and assembly work required for additional light
  • Orientation light can be switched off
  • Safety in the dark
  • Efficient LED technology

Electricity and light at the same time

The Busch-steplight® is a socket outlet that lights the way on the floor with LEDs and makes orientation easier
. The lighting can be switched off at any time independently of the socket.

For any living environment

The socket outlet with a light for orientation provides added convenience in any living environment; it is also well suited for senior-friendly living or as night light in a child's room.

Security when you're moving in the dark

There are dark, hard-to-see places throughout the house. And it's not only the cellar or in the attic - even stairs can be very dangerous. You can hurt yourself quickly here when going to the bathroom at night. But with the orientation lights from Busch-Jaeger, you are always on the safe side.