Busch-Blind comfort switch Busch-axcent®

Comfort switch for blinds

Busch-Blind comfort switch

Comfortable operation in a trice.

  • Simple intuitive operation - automated or manual
  • Including timer for daily automated opening and closing
  • The Busch comfort switch for blinds offers two intuitive operating options
  • Automatic operation and manual operation, in which intermediate positions can also be controlled

Intuitive control options

The Busch-Blind comfort switch offers two intuitive controls; automatic mode and manual operation. In automatic mode, the roller shutter opens and closes every 24 hours. In manual operation, the roller shutter automatically moves to the intermediate position set on the rotary knob; after reaching the set position, the roller shutter stops automatically.


The knob of the Busch-Blind comfort switch can be turned 180°. The blind moves to the position set on the rotary knob, i.e. the blind stops automatically. After having used the Busch-Blind comfort switch a few times you get a feeling for how far you need to turn it to move the blind to the desired position. Or in the true sense of the word - in a trice.