Management of blinds can be simple

  • Suitable for roller shutter and blind drives with mechanical or electronic limit switching
  • Large display with backlight
  • Memory function for individual switching times with mains-failure-proof storage
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover (can also be switched off)
  • Manual operation is possible at any time
  • Available for all Busch-Jaeger switch ranges

Intuitive handling

All settings of the Busch-Timer® are made via text-controlled operator guidance and enable intuitive handling. With a high degree of flexibility, the Busch-Timer® facilitates the daily opening and closing of the blinds.

Zeit- und Jalousiemanagement

Sunlight is vital, but it can also cause distraction or unnecessarily heat the living space in the summer. But how do you make a blinds automation system more intelligent? It's simple! With modern automatic systems for blind control from Busch-Jaeger. There are tasks that recur every day. Why not delegate such routines instead of constantly looking at the clock yourself? Time switches (timers) can switch and operate punctually to the minute. This leaves more attention for more important things.